2023/24 is our 50th anniversary

Material for Works

March Concert

The following YouTube versions have been identified as most helpful for the pieces to be done in our main concert in March. 

Arthur Sullivan, All this night

Stanford, Magnificat and Nunc in C parts played on a keyboard , alto part played on keyboard , bass part played on keyboard, soprano part, tenor part or a Magnificat & Nunc spotify version or a Magnificat only version sung by Durham choir  and Nunc Dimitis only one  sung by The Choir of Somerville College. 

Howells, Te Deum Collegium Regale, parts played on a keyboard or sung with score  

Charles Wood, Hail Gladdening Light recommended videosung with score or parts played on a keyboard

Samuel  Coleridge Taylor , Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast SpotifyYouTube video or  alternative learning aid or YouTube learning aids: Sop1, Sop2, Alto1, Alto2, Tenor1, Tenor2, Bass1 and Bass2

George Dyson, To Music,  YouTube video or Spotify

James MacMillan, O Radiant Dawn sung with score

Gerald Finzi, God is gone up:  Sop 1, Sop2, Alto 1, Alto 2, Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Bass 1, Bass 2; Spotify (which I find clearer) or YouTube sung with score 

Stanford, Beati quorum via  Youtube or parts played on a keyboard

Plus choralia provide a practice for Brahms – choose 2nd movement (Denn alles Fleisch) for your part, German Requiem 2nd movement   click on the flag if it shows the union jack to change to German,

If anyone has any comments or additions on these materials, please contact Maggie
 Rehearsal Aids 
ChoraLine : We have set up a 20% discount with ChoraLine for any members wishing to buy rehearsal material (CDs or downloaded to pc, phone etc). See ChoraLine discount for details and contact Maggie for any further information. Below we provide links for free materials on-line. 
Choralia: Sometimes there is a problem with on-line Choralia, in which case I suggest downloading. An alternative I found is to pay a small donation to use without ads. With Choralia it is possible to change the speed at which they run using the hare or tortoise. It gives three choices:
  •  to hear your voice alone (with a metronome when your voice is not singing);

  • to hear your voice emphasised with other voices (your voice part  can be emphasised by moving towards the big button using the gadget below the hare and tortoise)

  • to hear all voices at the same emphasis.

ChordPerfect: I have been introduced to Chord Perfect who provide training aids for some works, which are free if used on-line.