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Information for Members

This page lists information that will be of use to members of the Society, but which may also be of interest to others. A members-only page has more information available to existing choir members, for which a username and password are required. Email us to ask for a reminder.

Rehearsal schedule

Reminder that there is NO REHEARSAL Tuesday 13th February!

Here's the rehearsal schedule for the spring concert.






Introit / Lacrimosa


Beatus Vir

Introit / Kyrie / Agnus dei


Beatus Vir / Laudate pueri

Lux Aeterna / Sanctus / Osanna

Half term (13/02/18): no rehearsal


Laudate Pueri / Magnificat

Domine Jesu / Hostias


Magnificat / Dixit

Dies Irae / Confutatis


Dixit / Confitebor / Beatus Vir

Introit to Lacrimosa


Laudate Pueri /
Laudate Dominum / Magnificat

Domine Jesu to Lux Aeterna


As required

As required


Summer Concert

If we can judge anything from the smiles in the audience and in the choir after the summer concert, then it must have been a roaring success! Thank you to everyone involved, but of course especially to Ellie and to Arthur.

Arthur's swashbuckling performance of Rhapsody in Blue will live long in the memory: if anyone now deserves a summer break, it is he! As for Ellie, what can we say? It's already a cliche to say that her enthusiasm is infectious, but it's no less true now than it was at the start of the season.

Well done to the choir, both for singing superbly and for everyone's volunteering efforts up to and during the day itself. The Henley Standard apologised that ‘Regatta congestion’ did not allow them to include the review in their most recent printed edition, but you can read online about our beautiful consonants at this link. The Newbury Weekly News called it a ‘summertime treat’.

Spring Concert

Thank you and well done! It was a fabulous achievement to deliver such consistent quality over works as diverse as those by Tallis, Purcell, Mozart and Bruckner. A really inspiring concert, and thank you again to Ellie, our soloists, Southern Sinfonia and everyone in and outside the choir who helped make the event run smoothly.

"I think the choir did brilliantly," said Ellie to the choir afterwards. "You were a pleasure to conduct, and I was so proud of the way you all pulled together – the attention you all gave to the shaping of notes in the Victoria meant that the motet in particular was absolutely stunning, and a real joy to hear. In addition, you were able to produce the ‘Fat Russian’ sound I had been so keen to hear in that Bruckner with real success – it packed a real punch! You should all be immensely proud of yourselves: how many choral societies can boast the flexibility and versatility to handle a programme spanning four centuries in one concert!?"

Christmas Concert

Congratulations to all involved in the annual concert of carols and readings in aid of the League of Friends of the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Many thanks to all singers for their hard work, especially our volunteer soloists. Thanks also to Ellie for her inspiration and perspiration.

Summer Concert

Congratulations everyone! What a fun evening. Huge thanks to all involved in the preparation and running of the concert, and especially of course to Roy and James.

The Wantage Silver Band were loud and wonderful! Many thanks to their leader Craig Patterson and to all of the players.

'In a week of great uncertainty and turmoil, this concert was a real tonic.' Read the review in the Henley Standard.

Bach B Minor Mass, Saturday March 12th 2016

What an extraordinary evening... A performance that will live in the memories of all who were present, both performing and listening. Congratulations everyone!

From Diana:

"WE DID IT!Click photo for full-sized version

Thank you, thank you, everyone. Thank you Roy for this evening and for keeping us going over the past weeks. Thank you to all of you who helped to make the evening a success by producing the programme, putting up the staging, parking cars, doing front of house, pouring drinks and tidying up the Chapel after the concert.."

Credit to Maggie Harvey for the above photo. (Click on the photo for the full-sized version.)

"A joyful triumph" sang the Newbury Weekly News. "Choral society does Bach's masterpiece proud" shouted the Henley Standard. Head over to our Facebook page or our Twitter account where discussion is continuing.

The First Forty Years

We have updated the website with a First Forty Years page, to match the First Thirty Years page!

Key Dates for This Term

  • Tuesday 13th February: Half-term: no rehearsal
  • Thursday 15th March: Additional rehearsal
  • Saturday 17th March: Afternoon rehearsal and spring concert
  • Tuesday 20th March: Rubbing-out party and Songs from the Shows intro, in the music department
  • Tuesday 27th March: Open rehearsal for Songs from the Shows; last rehearsal before Easter break

Future Dates

  • Tuesday 24th April: Rehearsals restart
  • Tuesday 29th May: Half-term: no rehearsal
  • Sunday 10th June: Afternoon workshop in the chapel, TBC
  • Saturday 23rd June: Afternoon rehearsal and summer concert
  • Tuesday 26th June: End-of-season social, in the music department

Photo Gallery

We're keen to show off any photos you may have of the Society rehearsing or performing. Here is a Flickr 'Photoset' from March 2011, with the choir rehearsing for Brahms German Requiem.


Membership Form (with 2017 / 2018 membership fee info)

The 2017 / 2018 membership form, which also shows the current membership fees, can be downloaded here.